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"Shirley was just great. It was nerve racking to hand over my family's 11,000 images. Shirley treated them like they were her's. Getting to know the family and caring deeply that they get organized correctly. We now have this wonderful digital archive for the generations to come."

Pastor Photos 13_0050_edited_edited.jpg

"I have been wanting to make photo albums for my grandchildren for quite some time.  I wasn't sure how to start or what services to use.  Shirley has done it all for me.  From gathering all photos, editing and designing the albums.  I'm so happy with the results."

-Ken P., Berkeley

-Sara H., San Mateo

"I've never really felt in control of my photographs, documents & memorabilia until I met Shirley.  She did what I was unable to do - to see a story and some simple categories so everything could be sorted and scanned for preservation.  She really helped me find out what was important for me:  downsizing my collection, showcasing my photos, and sharing them with family and friends. I know of no one else that does this service, which is a combination of the right equipment, training, visual / design sensibility, and empathy!"

-Elissa K, San Francisco


"Shirley has been a lifesaver.  I had such anxiety just thinking about sorting through all my boxes of photos.  Now they are beautifully organized and my heirloom photos are scanned and saved!"

-Charlotte P., Brentwood

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