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About Me

I love photographs.  Viewing them is a chance to relive moments in time and to see cherished pictures of loved ones passed or that are far away.  I quickly became the family keeper of all the old photographs and documents and my fear of losing the images set me on a path to learn how to scan, edit, digitalize, categorize, back-up and properly store them to pass on to future generations. 

In my 15 years as a personal assistant and professional organizer, I have helped many clients to organize print photos and digital photos.  It has been very gratifying to see these images come out of the dark depths of "lock-up" and back into their lives, through albums, slideshows, framed art and memorials.  It's amazing how many pictures we now amass digitally, that are never viewed once taken.

When I decided to become a professional photo organizer I knew it was the start of process that would not only relieve the stress and over-whelmed feeling clients might have with organizing their photos, but bring enjoyment back into viewing them. 

Contact Me

P.O. Box 210402

San Francisco, CA 94121

Tel: 415-407-5020


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-Certified Member of  The Photo Managers
-Regional West Coast Leader
-Privacy Advocate
-Creative Photo Design Services

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