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Everyone has favorite pictures at home.  Some old black and white prints inherited from parents or grandparents in shoeboxes, shoved in a drawer or closet.  Possibly several boxes of slides or old movies with nowhere to view them anymore.  Others have stacks of albums from grade school or college.  As time goes on maybe you start taking digital pictures and keep them on your phone, tablets and storage disks.  You might start downloading them on your computer or open a cloud storage account.  Even if we could remember exactly what's located where, then what? 


How can we find the photos that we cherish without digging for hours or getting frustrated?  What do we do with all these images that we keep on all these platforms? How can we make sure they are preserved and archived and not lost? How about actually sharing them with others; making beautiful albums for gifts or creating a birthday, reunion or memorial slideshow?  And of course, there's the wedding album you've been thinking about and you are close to your 10 year anniversary and your child's 5th birthday!  Don't even get me started.  Where do you begin?  Who has the time?  It seems overwhelming...but it's not.

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